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Water & Oil Soluble Colourants

Whether you need water-soluble or oil-soluble we have it all and when it comes to purity and strength our colours are the best in the UK. Our high-quality colourants are specifically formulated to add vibrant hues and visual appeal to your bath bombs and other cosmetic creations. They are allergen free and vegan friendly too! If you’re looking to buy oil-soluble colours, water-soluble colours, or soluble bath oils online in the UK, then look no further than EazyColours! We offer a diverse selection that can effortlessly blend into your cosmetic formulations while providing long-lasting, intense pigmentation. Create stunning and captivating visual effects in your cosmetics and transform your creations into visually striking experiences with our bath bomb and cosmetic colourants.


Our oil-soluble colours are designed to dissolve in oils and provide long-lasting, intense pigmentation while our water-soluble cosmetic colours dissolve in water-based formulations, making them ideal for bath bombs, shower gels, and other water-based products. We also offer soluble bath oils create a nourishing and aromatic bath that leaves your skin feeling moisturised and rejuvenated. We also sell oils (and blends of oils) and butters that greatly benefit the skin.


Browse our extensive online selection of bath bomb and cosmetic colourants, all of which are available to buy with fast delivery throughout the UK. Elevate your cosmetic creations with our premium colourants, oil and water-soluble colours, and soluble bath oils. Make sure to check out our hybrid and light fast Fuzion© colours and unleash your creativity today!

Colour is usually in pots but may sometimes be sent in bags.

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